Sponsorship agreement extended.

We can announce Bombay Stores have extended their sponsorship agreement with us until 2022/2023.

Their support of the club has been fantastic and despite uncertain times they have committed to extending their support to the club for another season. They will be sponsoring all 10 of our junior boys teams as well as the new girls teams this season and next.

Managing director Samir Kader had this to say on his visit to the club, “I am blown away by the sheer size of the club. It’s so amazing to see the work going on in the community which I have been a part of all my life. These volunteers are a goldmine to the community and deserve all the credit for the hard work they have put in to this club.”

“As a company we are proud to say we are a part of this club and look forward to working with them to bring exciting new opportunities in the future”

This isn’t the first time Bombay Stores have shown support to the club. In the last Phoenix Awards Ceremony they were the main sponsors of the club.